Caving and Climbing

If you love the idea of scaling towering walls in the glorious sunshine with spectacular views over the Somerset countryside you should head to Cheddar Gorge. Famous for its sweeping cliffs reaching up to 450 feet it is also a famous hub for rock climbing. The climbing here varies from the beginner-friendly to routes suitable for experienced climbers. There are hundreds of climbing routes in the Gorge which will push you to climb just that little bit harder, and higher.

One of the best show caves is Wookey Hole which also offers the Wild Wookey Experience including a 3 hour caving experience with professional instructors, however it is not for the faint-hearted. It includes everything from abseiling, traversing over deep water to navigation through the labyrinthine passages filled with obstacles such as slopes, ropes, crawls, stoops and more. Please see the Wild Wookey website for details and to ensure it is suitable for you. If you are an experienced caver the Cart House Holiday Cottage is an excellent base from which to explore the caves and mines of the Mendips. Please contact one of the local caving clubs for further details and access.

Caving and Climbing tours

This is the perfect way to experience Cheddar from a whole different perspective! After all, Cheddar’s not just spectacular on the surface; it’s spectacular underground as well. Suitable for all ability levels, we’ll have you exploring subterranean caverns in no time.

You’ll be led through the admiring tourists in Gough’s Cave to start your expedition into the depths of the caves; switch on your head torch and get ready to feel like you’ve entered a lost world. You’ll need to climb up to the Mushroom Chamber, crawl through the Sand Chamber and descend over 40ft into the heart of the cave system – but don’t worry our expert cavers will be on hand to help you the entire way!